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Australian Made

We at Avirida take pride in keeping our manufacturing & supply chain local and 100% Australian. Our jars, skincare products, timber and boxes are all sourced locally and made in our factory in Dorrigo NSW Australia. This enables us to provide much needed jobs in our local area.

 We use weed species for our timber from local properties, which we replace with native trees. We mill, dry and machine the timber all in-house. We built a solar-powered kiln to enable us to dry timber in the most sustainable way possible.

 Our skincare products are handmade in our factory in small batches. We use only organic ingredients, and source locally wherever possible.

 We also make our own shipping boxes, which are generally imported from overseas. We get used cardboard boxes from local cafes and supermarkets, and use a laser cutter to turn them into shipping boxes. This upcycling is more sustainable than the cardboard being transported to a facility, turned into pulp, turned back into cardboard then transported again.

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