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About Us


If you’re here, you’ve already figured out something about us. We’re hugely passionate about the environment and are advocates for taking action to prevent climate change.

Growing up in rural Australia, we’ve always felt connected to the earth and a need to protect it. We’re deeply concerned with the destructive habits of our society, using disposable plastics for convenience and toxic products that cause harm to our bodies and the environment.

Did you know that only 9% of plastic is recycled?

That 5 BILLION tonnes of plastic are estimated to be either in landfills or polluting the environment?

That over half of ALL sea turtles have suffered harm from plastic?

Our journey started when we began making our own skincare products to avoid purchasing lotions and balms wrapped in excessive plastic and to steer clear of the harmful chemicals they contain. Once we perfected our recipes, with the help of an experienced aromatherapist, it was time to package them up. But, there was a problem. We already knew that plastic wasn’t an option, and we quickly found out glass and aluminium were not much better, due to the large amounts of energy it takes to produce them.

We found our solution in wood. A renewable resource that we could source sustainably and, above all, it is completely natural and compostable. A win for our products and a win for the earth.

Avirida came to life through a Kickstarter campaign in 2018 which was when our factory in Dorrigo, NSW was born. Our skincare products and compostable wooden jars are made right here, and have made us Sustainable Innovators Award Winners at the Tamworth Sustainability Expo.

We strive every day to be the most ethical company that we can be. Our philosophy is simple:

“Action is the only true measure of ethics”


Certified Cruelty Free Certified Australian Made


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