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7 Zero-Waste Essentials You Can Get From Aussie Brands

We’ve gotten things all tangled up and the wrong way around. Our grandparents would buy a product ONCE and use it over and over. We use a product once, throw it away, and buy it over and over.

And then wonder where all our money is going.

Going zero-waste can seem expensive in the beginning, but it’s saving you money over time, and saving the planet. It’s always nice to find sustainable products that go the extra innovative step to make a positive difference. We have collated some great products you can easily switch to that will make a huge difference to the waste you produce.

Nature's Pod Capsules: World's first keep cup made from used coffee cups! 12oz & 8oz rCUPS - ($25.50)

Why you should bother: Approximately 2,700,000 single-use coffee cups are thrown out in Australia every day!

Great thing about this company: This company sells awesome reusable cups that are made from used single-use coffee cups! One person throws away 350 paper coffee cups on average every year. By switching to rCUP you save these from landfill and contribute directly to the recycling of the used coffee cups that slip through the net. Plus, it’s been designed for least 10 years use and is 100% recyclable.


We Bar None: Victoria's first business to have 100% home compostable packaging! Snacks for days – Starter Pack ($40)


Why you should bother: Australia throws away over 3.4 million tonnes of packaging every year — that’s about 165kg per person.

Great thing about this company: We Bar None is Victoria's first business to have 100% home compostable packaging! Not to mention their amazing wholesome snack range, yum!


Avirida: First organic skincare company to have compostable timber packaging!

‘Body Language’ Body Butter ($30)Why you should bother: The global beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year, most of which won’t get recycled. This is why we should be buying products with compostable & reusable packaging whenever possible.

Great thing about this company: Avirida is the first skincare company to have fully compostable timber packaging! Operating out of a small rural Australian town, they produce their jars & beautiful organic skincare range all in house. Their 100% wooden jars are reusable as jewellery pots and fully compostable. They are a 100% plastic-free company, plus they plant a tree for every purchase! How awesome is this? Find out more here.


Mind Your Own Beeswax Wraps: Hand made in Australia. Eco-friendly. Reusable. Starter Pack – Terrestrial ($40)

Why you should bother: If a child takes their lunch in a sandwich bag every day, they will throw away at least 280 sandwich bags a year.

Great thing about this company: They provide an easy alternative for single use plastic wraps and cling film. Made with 100% certified organic GOTS certified cotton fabric, Australian beeswax, jojoba oil & pine resin, all their wraps are dyed with low impact, organic dyes.


Caye Life: ZANZIBAR | BLACK MATTE Drink Bottle ($38.00)

Why you should bother: Around 373 million plastic water bottles end up as waste each year.

Great thing about this company: Caye Life has created a range of functional, sustainable and unique thermo cups and water bottles for the environmentally conscious consumer. Stylishly designed, they are impressive to look at and to hold, and are all completed with a matte finish giving a superior edge to what else is out there in the market. These double walled bottles keep drinks insulated; cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours, hot beverages hot for 12 hours. All products are made from quality high-grade stainless steel, and are all BPA and toxin free.


Little Dish & Spoon: Large Organic Cotton Tote with Pockets ($24.95)

Why you should bother: Australia alone uses 6.9 billion plastic bags a year! While this number is on the decline, your standard reusable bag is not very functional.

Great thing about this company: 100% Certified Organic Cotton Canvas Shopping Bag For the organised shopper - these compartmentalised shopping bags have six stitched bands on the inner side for protecting long and delicate items fresh herbs and celery bunches, as well as holding bottles upright and separate from potentially damaging the other contents. No more juggling around your shopping!


Eco Patch: Earthi Natural Silk Floss ($6.85)

Why you should bother: Nylon floss takes forever to break down in landfill and we globally use enough dental floss to circle the earth several times, per year!

Great thing about this company: Eco Patch is committed to stopping use of single use plastics. They source completely plastic-free Natural Silk floss by Earthi, which is 100% biodegradable, comes in a refillable glass bottle with metal lid and has a fresh minty flavour!


So there you are, some easy changes in your kitchen, bathroom cupboard and beauty products and you’re well on your way to zero-waste. The earth will thank you for it, and you still get to treat yo self!


At Avirida, we value all businesses taking steps towards a more sustainable future. Click here to find out more about what we do, check out our organic skincare range and support our cause to save the world, one compostable jar at a time!

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